Kafa and Kaldi: The Origin of Coffee

Posted by Yohanes Mebrahtu on

Our love for coffee has brought us together and now its the the time to celebrate its origins.

It all goes centuries back to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau of Kafa, . Legend says the goat herder, Kaldi, first discovered the beloved beans. After witnessing the vitality that his goats received from eating the cherries, he later brought them up to the monastery and shared them with the monks.

Initially, the monks declared that they were the Devils work and hurled them into the fire. The aroma of the beans roasting in the fire was heavenly. When they realized their mistake, they put them into a jug and covered with a hot water.

Later the monks drank the brew and noticed that it helped to keep them awake during their devotions. Rest is history.

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