Top 10 coffee machines under $50

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If you’re on the market for a budget coffee machine, you don’t have to compromise too much on quality and features like before. Coffee machines under $50 have come a long way. You can’t expect fancy features for that price range, obviously, but quality-wise you don’t have to renounce much compared to pricier alternatives.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 coffee machines under $50 to start choosing from. These are all reliable brands and machines with plenty of positive reviews so you can have the best bang for your bucks.

Black & Decker DLX1050B - $35

Black & Decker Coffee Maker

One of the most affordable machines on this list, and with the Black&Decker brand behind it. It is a 12 cups drip coffee machine that comes in 3 colors and has an array of features like timer, auto turning off after 2 hours and non-stick carafe plate, for easy cleaning. Performances are solid considering the price tag.


Mixpresso Drip Coffee Maker - $24

Mixpresso Drip coffee maker

Still in the 12 cups range, this offering from Mixpresso is lightweight and sleek looking. It does indeed fit well any kitchen or office with its design, simple and elegant at the same time. Performance-wise, it is not to be underestimated, and it comes with a reusable filter and removable basket for easy cleaning and convenience.


KRUPS 7211002967 EC321 - $50

KRUPS coffee maker

If you need to keep your coffee warm for a long time, this Krups model may be for you. It is able to maintain the brewed coffee warm for up to 4 hours, double the other models on this list. It has also a brew strength selector and a programmable digital clock to automatically start brewing in the morning.


Posame Drip Coffee Maker - $42

Posame Drip coffee maker

A very classy coffee machine, it is not as lightweight as others, but it is very solidly built, BPA-free, containing no harmful chemicals. It can brew up to 15 cups and keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours.


Black&Decker CM2035B - $50

Black&Decker CM2035B


Another entry from Black&Decker, this model is a sturdy and very efficient one. It has similar features as the others on this list, 12 cups, 2 hours of warm coffee, a timer and an LCD screen, but it offers a few nice touches more. Namely, the carafe opens very wide, making cleaning it much easier, and it has a system that prevents spills when pouring coffee. At this price tag it is a true bargain.


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew - $45

For brew single cup coffee maker

A very sleek, all silver, design for an extremely portable coffee machine under $50. It can be brought with you anywhere, being small and light, and can brew K-cups as well. It doesn’t come with a carafe, being meant to brew directly in your serving cup.


Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffee Maker - $24 12 cup coffee maker

A no frills coffee machine for even half than $50, this entry from Mr.Coffee is as straightforward and easy as you may want. Timer, customizable brewing times and an audio signal to alert you of the completion of the brew are its main features.


Cuisinart DCC-450BK - $32

Cuisinart coffee maker

A very sturdy coffee machine for under $50, this model from Cuisinart is another no frills yet elegant machine. It is meant for quicker drinkers as it keeps the coffee warm for up to 30 minutes only.


Hamilton Beach 46310 - $45

         Hamilton beach 46310 coffee machine

A not-so-portable model from Hamilton Beach, this one has a proper carafe and more features than the FlexBrew: coffee intensity can be selected, a programmable clock and the classic 2 hours shut off.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker - $40

 Mueller coffee machine

From Austria, a feature-packed coffee machine for barely under $50. LCD screen, programmable timer, permanent filter, water gauge are only part of the features of this reliable machine.


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