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I have been drinking coffee for long enough and different kind from high to low profile, but glad I found Moyee which is tasty, full flavor kind of espresso and light blend test, affordable and also convenient, I highly recommend it if you truly appreciate quality coffee.


I was able to try their “Moyee blend” which is a 100% Arabica blend. The coffee itself is about what I expected: floral and fruity. I’m excited to see what other blends and roasts they come out with in the future!

Ashleigh Fay

Starting from the packaging to the taste of the coffee my mom enjoyed every bit of it. The taste reminds her of the original coffee that is made in a proper Ethiopian coffee celebration. She barely thanks me for anything but she thanked me for this coffee and so I guess that means the coffee was just amazing!

Endurance Abate

First Fair Chain Coffee

First FairChain Coffee

This beautifully Crafted Coffee is a collaboration between Ethiopia’s Legendary Farmers and world class Coffee Roasters. It is a unique partnership that is restoring the balance between the people who grow it and those who drink it. Enjoy this Fine, 100% Arabica Coffee with Radical Impact. Available In Espresso Grind, Filter Grind and whole Bean options. 

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